Everything Is Crashing And Taking Your With It

By: Rex Dixon
June 02, 2023

The recession we have all been dreading is practically knocking down your front door.

You feel absolutely helpless right now, and you are doing everything you can.

The one thing you noticed right away is the runaway inflation.

You are paying a crazy amount for gasoline for your vehicle.

What you could buy at the grocery store last month is not what you can buy this month.

The values our society have established for centuries is crumbling before your eyes.

Values that have stabilized society for many centuries.

Now you are left with a pittance of what you used to have

Everyone Is Now BROKE

That is the honest truth there, there is nothing good that has come in the past 2 years.

All these claims of a rebounding economy has been nothing more than ..

… an agenda item to keep you inline marching to the beat of the same drummer.

Now we get to pay for it in pennies we have to save up to buy groceries.

To buy gasoline for your car to get to that thankless 9-5 job to buy more gasoline.

It’s become a vicious circle that society has now mandated as normal for everyone.

We have become slaves to an agenda that is obviously not working for most people.

Their normal has everyone receiving a handout from the government.

The government is not responsible for your income or making sure you survive.

In fact no government should have to tax as much as the government does today.

But Here We Are …

There isn’t much left to do but realize the fact that we are heading right into a recession.

All brought on by this supposed progress or progressive agenda they are selling us.

The only progress that has been made is that the Oil companies are reaping profits.

Not the ones that should be reaping profits, but the Oil barons from the middle east.

Now as you look over your daily work and your budget just being crushed, it’s time for help

That is why I have put together a zero cost 10 point information list on this recession that is coming.

You won’t be able to avoid it as it’s coming for all of us and it’s almost here.

What you can do is be prepared and grab a copy of this FREE 10 point information list.

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